Black Vegetarian Societies

Black Vegetarian Society
Black Vegetarian Society

When I first became a vegan I was living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I didn't really know too many other Black/Afrikan vegetarians or vegans. I didn't think there were that many of us. I was wrong. 

The Vegetarian Resource Group conducted a nationally representative telephone poll of 2,030 adults aged 18 and over. Their statistics for 2012 state that 4% of  Americans are vegetarian or vegan. That includes 1% who are Vegan. That means 9 million vegetarians and 2 million of those are vegan. Another 43% report eating one or more vegetarian meals per week.

The statistics also show that 6% of  Black/Afrikans report they are vegetarian or vegan while 3% of Whites say they are. That means percentage wise we are twice as likely to be vegetarian! The Vegetarian Resource Group statics show that there are more that 2.5 million of us! Add to that the vegans and vegetarians in other parts of the world and we are NOT alone. 

My purpose here at Food For The Soul is to help connect us across the continent and the world so we don't need to feel alone or weird. Members of this site have access to a community forums and discussion groups. You can join us for free here.

Once I moved here to Atlanta (which is listed as #5 city in the US for vegetarian restaurants) I discovered the Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia.

There are Black Vegetarian Societies in other places as well. Here are the ones I found. Some are more active than others. Most seem to be more active on Facebook.

Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia


The Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia (BVSGA) is a volunteer, nonprofit, membership organization that promotes a plant-based diet through education and support programs to address the disproportionate levels of chronic and degenerative diseases that affect African Americans. BVSGA meets monthly for vegetarian restaurant outings, informative lectures, cooking classes and theme potlucks. The group hosts the largest annual vegetarian food fair in Atlanta for the Great American Meatout in March and an annual Vegetarian Harvest Potluck in November. BVSGA also hosts a web site, publishes a newsletter, and provides members with discounts at 60 area locations

Black Vegetarian Society of Texas

Telephone: 972-242-7046 / 214-331-2812 / 214-766-3797


P.O. Box 116950
Carrollton, 75011-6950

Black Vegetarian Society of Texas | Facebook

BVStx’s mission is to educate the public, particularly the African American community, on the benefits of a plant-based diet, to promote wellness and to influence the community to pursue a vegetarian lifestyle.About BVStx.

Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland on Facebook


Educate and promote the advancement of people in economically challenged and inspired communities to eat healthy and barter a relationship for wholistic exchange which stimulates interaction for urban regeneration.

Black Vegetarian Society of New York on Facebook

We invite you to join us as we navigate holistic plant-based living in New York State.

Black Vegetarian Society of New Mexico on Facebook

Organize, educate and support vegetarianism for all citizens. To support sustainability, animal rights, and foster wholistic health and nutrition from a plant-based diet.

P.O. Box 7923, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87193

Phone (505) 750-0347

To educate while promoting a plant based diet to overcome health disparities within the African-American community.

Boston Massachusetts

I also saw references to Black Vegetarian groups in the Tri-State area (Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey) North Carolina, Miami Florida and Houston Texas but their sites were either non-existent or seemed very old and un attended. 
Do you know of other Black/Afrikan vegetarian or vegan groups? Please tell us about them below. 




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  1. Greetings, I am the owner of Marie’s At Ummat Cafe 566 Fayetteville Road, SE Atlanta, Ga 30316
    We are launching our Vegan/Vegetarian Menu on Friday, November 13, 2015

  2. Hello! Thanks for putting this list together. My name is Naijha Wright, co-owner of The Land of Kush ( restaurant in Baltimore, MD and co-organizer of Vegan SoulFest. Can we all collaborate on a mega event or expo? I say we get on a conference call and brainstorm. I can be reached directly on my cell at 443-844-5046. Thanks!

  3. Thanks to a friend on facebook I found your site. Keep up the wonderful education and work. Do you have advertising opportunities on your site? We offer exclusive small group weekend retreats and events (hoslistic health, wellness, metaphysical, stress reduction, etc) Blessings Dawn, Lakeview Retreat, Ontario Canada

    • Thank you Dawn. I do not have advertising opportunities here on the site at this time. We are investigating doing that for select businesses that are in line with our vision and mission. I’ll keep you posted.

    • I would love to know about that too! Please let me know what you find out. I grew up in Chicago but moved away long ago. We do make regular trips to see family.

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