Black Vegans Tell Their Story

On a regular basis we interview Black/Afrikan vegans to hear their stories about how and why they became vegan. Click on an image to read their stories.

12 comments on “Black Vegans Tell Their Story

  1. Hey! Do you know of any online or elsewhere Black Vegan LGBTQIQA shops? I’m trying to get ready for school and support my people while doing it!

  2. I recently relocated to Jackson, MS and want to establish a Black Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Mississippi. Do you know if one already exists?

    • Judy Marie Willis, I don’t think there is. Check out groups on MeetUp to find others who would be interested. Be sure to let me know once you start up. I would love to help spread the world.

  3. Hello Ama, I am in transition from meat eater to vegetarian to vegan (4 months). I am looking for cooking classes and groups in the Pittsburgh PA. My research has lead me to this website. So glad I found it.
    Any information will be helpful. Thanks in advance

    • Welcome Terri! I am glad you found us. I strive to help those like you who are making the transition. I hope you are on on our email list so you get all our latest recipes and article by email. I post on Wednesdays most week. Check out the New Vegetarian And Vegan resource page. Find others on the same path. Look in health food stores, meetups, or at vegetarian restaurants. Best of luck!

  4. Hi,

    My fiancee is a vegan and I am not. I want to prepare meals for him but I have a huge setback… I am allergic to all types of nuts. I am not sure how I can prepare meals for him and what are the alternatives?

    • Ivy, I applaud your desire to prepare meals that your fiancee can eat. This is a great support for him. Is he eating mostly raw or does he also eat cooked vegan? Nuts are more common in raw diets, less so in cooked vegan. You can often substitute seeds for nuts. Try sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Another option is buckwheat, either sprouted and dehydrated or just as it is. Look for raw, unprocessed buckwheat. Look at the recipes here on Food For The Soul, there are many great recipes that you both will love. Then if you feel the need to add a meat component you can do that for yourself. When I am cooking for a mixed crowd I make sure the veggies are vegan, then what is my main dish becomes their side dish, such as a vegan pasta recipe.

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